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Most Expensive Wedding in Multan Video

Most Expensive Wedding in Multan Video. Where on one hand the people who gossip about PSL final and Imran Khan’s view about the PSL. There on the other hand one marriage wondered every one that was held in Multan. This wedding proved one of the most expensive marriages in Multan.

After this wedding arrangements the Multan city left a mark in Pakistan that all the time the most expensive wedding in Multan Pakistan was held in 2017. Let see what things rated it on number 1 in weddings.

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Finally this marriage could hold an attention of entire Multan city people and people nationwide. Let see why by which reason this could prove one of the most expensive and unique wedding. This was a new way to give a gift in which the whole wedding could make news worthwhile to the social media.

The groom had a wish to be with lion at the time of his special day and unfortunately happened the same as he was wished to be happened in his life. He arranged a circumstance of wedding to enter into Shaadi in a position in which he will have to sit on a cage carried a lion.

Really it was a new thing in the wedding program to come with a lion or with any other animal. According to the source we found that he was very happy by doing this because he fulfilled his wish for a special day. But on the other hand it was seemed strange too.

One thing was to get lion with itself and another thing which made this wedding more expensive than any other wedding in Pakistan. It has been estimated that this was the one of the most expensive wedding in Pakistan in which groom himself wearing a gold festoon. Gold dress and lion concluded this marriage a most expensive one.

Updated: March 8, 2017 — 10:52 am

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