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Latest Top 15 New Bracelet Trends 2017 – Bracelets Fashion Guide

The Latest Top 15 New Bracelet Trends 2017 – Bracelets Fashion Guide are compiled here leading you towards a rocking and stylish personality out of a big crowd! Yes, it’s really a complete guide to have fun with the bracelets in fashion 2017. Just read it on and get an inspiring personality by following these trends in 2017!

Bracelet Introduction

Bracelet is an integral part of jewelry that is in fact a wrapping piece around the wrist or ankle usually. Bracelets’ history is too old as we see that the use of bracelets was very common in ancient times. In historical times, people used to wear these items but the style was different unlike that of today’s. People of past eras created the bracelets by using wood; bones of animals and stones etc.

With the passage of time, it started to become a fashion among people to wear bracelets for ornamental purposes that associate to the style of wearer. Bracelets of today’s era are extremely stylish, elegant, glamorous and trendy. Various materials are used to create new designs of bracelets like different metals, gemstones, plastic, beads, pearls, shells, diamonds and glass crystal etc. These materials are the basic stuff to give rise the various styles and designs. Too many designs and styles are available in bracelet collections 2017.

Bracelet fashion is very popular among people nowadays. College going girls, teens and other women like to wear bracelets but everyone wants to try a newer style than before every time! Everyone is conscious about to wear the most stylish and attractive items to be prominent among the crowd. You’ll find the biggest list of the bracelet trends 2017 that are based upon the latest fashion and designs in this context!

We’re just going to highlight the latest top 15 bracelet trends 2017 that are going to be a big fashion around in 2017!

Stacked Bracelets Trend 2017

Stacked Bracelets Trend 2015

Stacked bracelets are so voguish and trendy in coming days. These bracelets are composed up of more than one pieces usually. Different designs of bracelets are compiled in such way that these are stacked upon each other. There is a diverse collection of stack bracelets that is in high demand for 2017.

Charm Bracelets 2017

Charm Bracelets 2015

Charm bracelets for girls are the bracelets that are worn by people associating them with good fortune etc. Some civilizations have firm belief upon charm bracelets. This kind of bracelets are also in high demand at various places in 2017. These bracelets are designed in various new designs and colours giving rise to an elegant collection of charm bracelets 2017!

Antique Bracelets 2017

Antique Bracelets 2015

Antique jewellery is a high interest of fashionists in Fashion 2015. Antique bracelets are designed in such manner that classical looks could be shown out from these items. Various antique and classic styles are made prominent in these bracelets and a huge collection is displayed out for trendy people. Usually these bracelets have a resemblance to earth tones that is grey, charcoal, brown and chocolate etc.

Link Bracelets 2017

Link Bracelets 2015

Link bracelets are so much elegant and popular kind of bracelets and this trend is going to rock the year 2017. In these designs of bracelets, the identical pieces of materials are interwoven or interlinked to create a beautiful design. This kind of bracelets are called as link bracelets and these are going to be a big trend of 2017!

Beaded Bracelets Designs

Beaded Desgned

Beaded bracelets are another nice trend in bracelet fashion 2017. Students are very fond of this kind of bracelets and a huge collection is available comprised up of various colours that are very stylish and elegant. These bracelets are adorned by the use of different sizes of beads. Beaded bracelets are in high demand in 2017!

Gemstone Bracelets 2017

Gemstones are the beauty of jewelry. Gemstones are used in jewelry items for a long period ago. The jewels or gemstones that are a high interest of people in 2017 are,

  • Rubies
  • Sapphire
  • Turquoise
  • beryl
  • Topaz
  • Opal
  • Pearls

These gemstones are the latest trends in terms of bracelet collections 2017!



Gold Bracelets 2017

Gold Braclette

There are various metals that are used in designing bracelets but we’re just going to mention the ones that are in high demand of people in 2017. Silver and gold are the metals that are going to rock in 2017! Silver bracelets are so trendy, stylish and elegant kind of bracelets that are worn on casual as well as formal occasions. Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are also very trendy metals to be worn in 2017 while attending the formal or semi-formal parties!

Bold Bracelets 2017

Bold Bracelets

As we noticed in the latest fashion runways that all bold and chunky kind of jewelry items are in fashion nowadays; so in bracelet fashion, bold designs and chunky bracelets are so popular among people and especially among college going students. So, this trend will be so big in the year 2017!

Crystal Glass Bracelets 2017

Crystal bracletes

Crystal Glass is a material that is used to design the latest bracelet designs 2015. There are various colours including azure, sea green, black, grey, pink, plum, peach and orange colour that look so beautiful in this material. Designs also matter in terms of bracelets’ beauty and attraction. Various gorgeous designs are available for you in markets to be worn in 2015!

Diamond Bracelets 2017

diamond braclets

Jewelry items are incomplete without diamonds as diamonds are the love of each and every fashionista and this trend seems never to be reduced! Diamond bracelets alongwith the use of metals like gold ets are in high demand worldwide nowadays, so it’s predicted that this trend will be big in 2015 with newer and latest elegant designs and styles!

Twisted Design Bracelets

Twisted Designed Braclete

It’s the latest trend in bracelet fashion to design such creation that shows some kind of twisted arrangements. These designs look so beautiful,sophisticated and extremely trendy. It’s forecasted that this kind of bracelet designs will be a huge trend in 2017!

Bangle Bracelets 2017

Bangle Bracletes

Bangled bracelets are usually made up of glass like material and this kind of bangled bracelets are worn in eastern countries on a large scale. These bracelets are very popular in eastern places among women and girls. So, this kind of bracelets are trendy and voguish in 2017 due to their huge popularity!

Floral Design Bracelets 2017

Floral Designs

Floral settings look much elegant and sophisticated while applied in bracelet designs. Various floral designs are applied in the latest collections of bracelets that shows that floral design bracelets would go rocking around in 2017 This trend is accompanied with metal trends mainly.

Engraved Bracelets

This is the trend that is accomplished alongwith metal usage. Beautiful engravings are made up of the metals and beautiful designs are proceeded in engraving styles. These designs are much trendy and eye catching among students and teens. This kind of bracelets are seeming to be a big trend in 2017

engraved bracelets

Anklets 2017

Anklets 2015

Anklets are a specified kind of bracelets that are worn around the ankle bone. Anklet fashion is going to be increased among fashionistas. Various new designs and styles are available in the collections of anklets 2017. Metal work is mentionable in terms of this jewelry item. Anklets give you a very trendy and gorgeous look in the crowd. This trend is also in high demand in 2017!

So these are the latest bracelet fashion trends that are top listed in fashion trends 2017! You can have a set of trendy bracelets for your casual wear, semi-formal wear or formal wear according to your choice and taste in 2017.

Hopefully you liked this useful information about the subject bracelet trends 2017. Stay connected to get more updates! Thanks for visiting.

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