Latest Top 10 Earring Trends 2017 – Earring Fashion for 2017

Here we are presenting the latest top 10 earring trends and fashion for 2015. Earrings, the most important and well known jewelry item, are kept on changing in designs according to the fashion era and personal needs and choice. We’ll highlight the earring trends that are most likely to be voguish in 2015. Here’s a complete guide of earring fashion trends for 2015 and styles for the year 2015. Let’s have a brief look!

Earrings are an important jewelry item that are available in various stylish and sophisticated designs. With the passage of time, earring designs got more trendy and stylish according to the demand of people’s sense of fashion. It’s the nature of people that every person wants to own unique,latest and suitable styles to look different of all others. When we look upon the jewelry items, we see that these items play a vital role to give us trendy and attractive looks. And if we see all jewelry items deeply, it’s revealed that earrings are the most important jewelry components of all that can give beautiful looks to your face.

There are two main types of earrings according to the practical use.
Earrings for pierced ears and others for non-pierced ears. Fastening clip earrings are used for non-pierced ears. And these both kinds of earrings contain a wide variety of latest styled earring collections for the year 2017.

Now we are just about to reveal the top 10 secrets about earring trends that are going to be big in the year 2017. Here we go!

Bold/Chunky/Statement Earrings 2017

As we saw on runways, all big, bold and chunky jewelry pieces are in fashion in 2017. So, this trend comes true in earring collections of 2017. In fashion events related to 2017, we saw all bold, chunky and statement earrings worn by fashion displaying models on runways. Statement earrings are the kind of earrings on which statements are made by the people, that’s why these noteworthy and remarkable earrings are called as statement earrings. This kind of earrings is in high demand for the latest fashion lovers in 2017!



Feather Earrings 2017

Feather earrings are extremely sophisticated and stylish kind of earrings. And these earrings are seen on runways worn by models largely. This trend is extremely voguish and awesome in 2017. Feather earrings are basically inspired from the beautiful feather designs of birds that are much colourful and eye catching. For example, peacock tail feather designs, pigeon feather designs and other birds’ feather designs. These beautiful feather patterns are used in earrings of 2015 and these collections are in high demand remarkably!

Feather Earrings 2015

Antique/Classic Earrings 2017

Antique type of earrings are another big trend out of the top most earring trends of 2017. Antique earrings contain slightly old looks but in new styles with huge attraction and sophistication. This kind of earrings are a part of classic jewelry items and this trend is seen in fashion launching events highly. So, antique and classic earrings are in fashion in 2017!

Antique Classic Earrings 2015

Floral Embellished Earrings 2017

Floral embellished earrings are one of the latest earring trends in 2015. In this kind of earrings, beautiful coloured earrings ornamented by floral impacts are made to give a showy and stylish look. Different floral designs are applied in earrings in different ways and colours. This kind of floral inspired earrings look so trendy and stylish and this trend will be big in 2015!

Floral Embellished Earrings 2015

Gemstone/Beaded Earrings 2017

Use of big and bold gemstones and beads is seen in earring displays by models. Gemstone and bead trend is so big in 2017 as it gives a unique look to earrings. Various colours of beads are used to embellish earrings and according to the colour scheme of dressing, these earrings are chosen for wearing, having various coloured beads and gemstones. These earrings contain a significant importance in earring collections 2017.

Gemstone Beaded Earrings 2015

Blue Shaded/Bright Coloured Earrings 2017

Blue shades are in fashion for the year 2017. Different blue shades are used in making of earrings like as azure, turquoise, sky blue, navy blue, sea green, purple, plum, dark blue and other blue shades. Blue shaded beads are adorned in earrings to give them a peculiarity. This kind of earrings look so much gorgeous and sophisticated. Sapphire is the stone that is remarkable in this sense. And all other bright colours are in fashion in 2015 in context of earrings.

Blue Shaded Bright Coloured Earrings 2015

Handmade Earrings 2017

Handmade earrings are another mentionable trend that is likely to be in fashion in the year 2017. Handmade earrings are extremely natural looking earrings that are in high demand this year. If you want a traditional look, you would go for this kind of earrings. These are a bit simpler but the most attractive and beautiful earrings that give you a gorgeous look and simplicity is prominent in these earrings alongwith a unique style!

Handmade Earrings 2015

Glass Crystal Earrings 2017

Glass crystal is a material that has been used in the collections of earrings 2017 largely. Crystal is a clear looking material that looks so stylish and sophisticated. This kind of earrings are seen in runways largely. And this kind of earrings have unique looks that are of remarkable importance and significance. This earring trend is likely to be big in 2017!

Glass Crystal Earrings 2015

Metal Adorned Earrings 2017

Earring discussion is incomplete without metal. Metal is the most important and classic material that is used for making earrings for a long period ago. This trend is never flopped. Important mentionable metals are gold, silver and brass etc. And there are also other metals that are used for making earrings. This trend is going to be big in fashion in 2015!

Metal Adorned Earrings 2015

Layered Earrings 2017

Layered embellishments are another style that is being used in earrings to make them trendy and stylish. Different layers of materials are found in this kind of trend. Layers of metal, layers of bead series and layers of feathers are some noticeable designs of earrings. This style is deduced from the latest fashion runways 2017!

Layered Earrings 2015

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