Latest Dark Mehndi Designs For Hands & Feet 2017

Latest Dark Mehndi Designs For Hands & Feet 2017

Applying mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride for the wedding is a very important ritual. In this sense, the superstition is that their darkest sets mehndi; you can expect more love from her husband.

This is still a general belief in our part of the world. With this in mind, we provide advice to ensure that the mehndi is not only dark but beautiful.

1. Hands should be thoroughly cleaned

If your hands and cream or lotion on them, mehndi is not likely to have the necessary shade. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hands so that they are clean and dry and accept the application of mehndi.


2. Use a combination of sugar and lemon juice

When applied mehndi, wait for drying begins. When this happens a mixture of lemon juice and mix and place in the sugar applied mehndi. Do not worry if the mixture feels sticky, allowing the rigidity of stay in mehndi and irremovable.


3. It is good to sit in the sun

During the process of applying mehndi, it is not enough to sit under the sun, as mehndi dry quite quickly and therefore will not be enough for the mehndi to their working time.


4. Mustard oil are also applied

About 30 minutes before going off the mehndi, it is useful to put mustard oil in the palm of your hand. With this application, the mehndi and solve heat oil, the shadow will become darker.


5. Make use of Vicks

Make sure the mehndi is applied at the same time can be programmed to remove the night. After mehndi is removed, can be applied Vicks on your hands then sleep.


6. Do not remove Mehndi Water

It is unfair to Mehndi removed by hand washing because the mehndi not acquired the necessary darkness. The suggestion is to use a butter knife and mehndi should be removed from a smooth manner. Another method is to brush their hands on paper and get rid of mehndi.


7. Wearing Gloves

If you can keep your hands warm, this will help to darken mehndi. No need to dry air, be remembered that the hands should be kept warm. Once you have applied Vicks it would be nice to wear gloves and sleeping. Through this procedure, the results are surprising.



8. Wax

Do not rub or wax after applying mehndi as most likely be removed or destroyed.


9. The best way to ensure it gets Dark Mehndi

In this sense, it is essential that the water should be avoided. As a bride who does not have to make important actions like brushing your teeth, wash your face and other related things, but keep in mind that you are married and can not take risks. A hand can be provided by their relatives. These some things in applying mehndi can be improve your beauty.

Another method is to protect hands with polyethylene so that the hand is not communicating with water and also ensure that you do not use polyethylene long as hands get sweaty.

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