Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2017-Latest AIFW Report

See Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2017-Latest AIFW ReportAmsterdam International Fashion Week 2017 is latest fashion Show which is the part of International Fashion Weeks 2015. This is an exclusive and latest report of the latest fashion event held named as AIFW 2017. A glamorous and fabulous fashion week is just held recently and report of the event is going to be disclosed here highlighting the main features of the event!

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Amsterdam International Fashion Week started in 2004 and every year a couple of fashion weeks is held in Netherlands. Recently the 16th edition of Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2017 is held at the venue ”Westerfabriek” in the city ”Amsterdam”. The formal event started on 25th january and ended on 29th january prevailing its beautiful and marvellous effects!

Amsterdam Fashion Week is an international fashion event that is held to promote and exhibit the latest dutch fashion by the talented designers and trendsetters. This fashion event showcased a gorgeous and fabulous set of collections by talented designers recently on its 16th edition. A beautiful event of glamorous catwalks of male and female fashion displaying models is held to launch the latest trends.

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Various brilliant fashion designers, fashion displaying models, journalists and VIP fashionistas attended the event in a unique style! The presented trends are just awesome and beautiful with a slight change. The collections that are showcased by various designers are just rocking! A great audience and commercial parties beautified the event by their presence!

A well known dutch designer ”Sjaak Hullekes” presented his fabulous collection on the runway. He isn’t an ordinary fashion designer as he is the winner of Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Award 2009!


  • Designer Tony Cohen presented his gorgeous collection that looked so pretty and eye catching!
  • Another talented fashion designer Bas Koster showcased his brilliant work on the runway!
  • DUALS” collection was the great one seen on the runway. A unique effect was prominent in this collection!
  • Winde Rienstra’s collection was also much beautiful and elegant!
  • Adoles Scents by Hyun Yeu was also a prominent collection of the event.

Hairstyling of the models was prominent in the catwalks that was such a beautiful addition in the event!
Orange, black, white, cream and mustard are the colours that were prominent in catwalks of the models. These colours looked much elegant giving rise to a slight change in the colour trends as seen in the previous year’s fashion shows! White colour looked as dominant colour of all in catwalks, that looked so beautiful.

A very awesome and pretty details are seen upon dress designs presenting a different set of outfits! Statement shoes and high stilettos were the main theme of shoes’ collections worn by female models! Shiny and glittery effect was prominent in the collections. Very beautiful and romantic looks were seen by female fashion displaying models on the ramp!

Leather, wool and cotton are the prominent materials that set the foundation of the outfits of this event giving rise to a beautiful set of latest designs. Beautiful necklaces are seen on the runway of this event that looked an elegant kind of jewelry!

Dark earth tones were prominent in the event like grey and brown. Leggings, trendy shirts, belt styles and vintage looks are prominent looks of this event!

Men’s wear collections are also of elegant kind of dress designs. Black and greyish coats, suits and dresses are just rocking in the collections of this event. The trousers worn by male fashion models were high cuffed style that is a unique and latest style in men’s fashioning!

The event was much glamorous, elegant and gorgeous overall, that is based upon the brilliant and outstanding work of talented designers, beautiful fashion displaying models, journalists and fashionistas. The event left its prominent effect by exhibiting the unique designs and glamour internationally. It’s a nice promotion of the dutch fashion industry internationally.

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